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House Pressure Washer Cleaning In Ohio



You have all heard it. ”A rolling stone gathers no moss”. This applies to a person that is continually moving. Not to a house. Our stationary houses are stuck in the same position to endure brutal abuses of Mother Nature. Taking care of our biggest investment is crucial in our lives. So, do you clean your house every couple years to remove sediment, algae and mildew? Or, do you just ignore it? Wash it of course!


Curb appeal is important… and keeping up with the Smith’s and Jones’ is important. We at Protect A Deck and More recommend you keep up with the Smith’s and the Jones’. Some companies declare they will “sanitize” your property with a house-wash. Do not be deceived by these false claims…washing a house makes it’s appearance much more desirable…but it is not sanitized.

Protect A Deck and More will make sure to water down the shrubs before applying a bio-degradable cleaner to your house with soft pressure, injecting the chemicals up to 30 feet. We let the bio-degradable cleaners do the work and then soft rinse the house, ensuring to not blow out the pieces of the vinyl siding with too high of pressure. The end result is a brilliantly clean house!


Neglecting your property is not wise…give us a call today for a free estimate! Make your house look great again with Protect A Deck and More.

Annual And Semi Annual House Wash Benefits

Keeping up with exterior power-washing will keep your SIDING in pristine condition. While we are taking care of your HOUSEWASH, don’t forget…we can wash and treat your deck, or wash and seal your driveway or patio to further enhance your curb appeal. With over 30 years in business, you have chosen
the right company in Protect A Deck and More to take care of all of your HOUSEWASH and pressure washer cleaning needs for years to come. We will be there for you!

Service Overview

Cleaning the house is an important aspect of home maintenance that keeps your house in great shape and averts worse issues in the future. Mold and mildew are harmful to your family's health and your home, and they are removed through our house washing.